Bryon Evans, Director

Bryon Evans is an award winning director, cinematographer, editor and filmmaker. With a background in music and commercial spot production Bryon has produced hundreds of commercials for broadcast television and cable along with working on a wide variety of freelance video projects from music videos to mini docs and more.

Bryon’s film making projects include travel documentaries shot in The republic of Georgia, South America and documentary film making in Kenya.

Bryon has a real passion to tell meaningful stories with heart and soul. His work has been featured in national documentaries and his collection of productions have racked up millions of plays and views worldwide. Bryon is based in Reno, Nevada where he runs his production company Bryon Evans Films.

Brian Williams, Executive Producer

Brian Williams is a motivational speaker who has become one of America’s most prolific young philanthropists and cheerleaders for the downtrodden and for the spark in all of us to do good by human kind. Over the past seven plus years, his organization has set out to document 1 million acts of kindness and has already achieved that goal in spades, giving hundreds of thousands of pairs of shoes to the poor worldwide and in impoverished nations in Africa and to the needy here in the United States. Williams’ unwavering belief in the power of giving and his ability to communicate the power of caring has inspired thousands of students to participate, often for the first time, in the global community, by starting with the way they treat their neighbors, with simple acts of kindness that can transform both the lives of the recipient and the giver. Brian is based in Reno, NV where he operates the non-profit organization Think Kindness.